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Custom made to fit exactly to the contours of your bouldering wall and designed in accordance with the European Standard for Artificial Climbing EN12572-2 our unique integrated continuous flooring system provides the perfect solution to safety landing needs.


Why do we call it a safety floor system rather than matting or crash mats, well it's to do will our construction. Having observed many of the problems with linked mat systems such as movement and slip, gaps and foot traps, edge wear and difficulty with maintenance we have designed our system to answer all those issues.


Here is do we do it:

First we make an accurate survey of the bouldering wall and plan the safe zone extending it 2.5 metres beyond overhang points and 1.5 metres from the ends.

Whilst you continue with the construction of your wall we prefabricate the continuous cover in 600gsm PVC coated nylon.

Once on site the 300mm floor depth is built up in three offset layers of 38kg/cuM. density foam combustion modified high resiliance foam, this high density foam provides greater safety for your clients and  increases the longevity of the matting. Offsetting the layers of foam ensures that there are no gaps or soft points throughout the floor, this prevents wear and potential foot traps. It also allows for easier maintenance as the top foam layer in high traffic areas can be swapped with sections from lower wear areas so the floor wears evenly and lasts much longer.

Next the continuous floor cover is stretched over the foam and sealed in place this produces a clean uniform finish with no gaps, wear points or trip hazards.

Finally, if you have opted for a carpet topped finish, we fit 2 metre wide runs of carpet joined with Velcro strips across the top. Having a carpet top protects your floor, absorbs airbourne chalk, provides firmer footing and is easier to keep clean.


All materials used fully comply with the following fire safety standards:


BS 5438 1989 methods 2a & 2b

BS 5867 part 2 1980 typeB

BS 5665 part 2 1989

BS 7837 1996

BS 5852 part 2

BS 4790

CEN 71 part 2 1988


MaM-matting offer a two year guarantee on our floors



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